Online access

Online Access is a secured section to allow you to access records and status of your projects online. You will need your User Id and Password to access information.

Lab Status

Displays the number of tests yet to be completed. Information displayed includes the time that all tests are to be completed and any comments. The information shown is as of the time indicated on the display. The report sequence may be changed by clicking the column heading.


Displays a list of labs completed in the last seven days for printing.


This new feature provides instant access to the current revision of the Specification on file at Dickson Testing. This feature will allow you to quickly check the availability of the Specification Revision. The list is updated weekly.


Allow our customer to review their open labs and to submit changes. (Coming Soon)


Allow pricing requests to be submitted to our customer service department. Once the request has been reviewed for pricing the quote is e-mailed back to the customer.

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